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Is the Jupiter Hotel real?

I've been asked the question, "Does the Jupiter Hotel really exist?"

The answer is, yes it does, although I changed the name.

It was called something equally galactic in the 80s - and has since been rechristened to something a bit more corporate.

Eagle eyed readers will probably be able to work out the identity of today's building, given that the book tells you where it is and how to find it!

I did contact the PR team from the chain that now owns it. I thought it was only fair to alert them to the fact that I was writing a book about one of their hotels, and I wasn't exactly painting it in the best of lights. (Although there has been a gap of nearly 40 years between the book and today's hotel and most of the people mentioned are probably retired or dead by now).

I had no reply!

So here is a photo of Lulu and Jimi Hendrix from September 1967 in the same hotel - musos may be able to work out the location. I wish I knew which room they stayed in and I'm sure that Richard would have been well jealous that the spirit of Jimi walked the corridors of my hotel.

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