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I've been asked how many of the people in the book are actual people.

The answer to that is that they all are. Except one and a bit. Even the French Foreign Legion deserter is out there somewhere.

The two that are fictional (ish) are the Kitchen Porter, Jimmy and the Concierge, Steve. There was a Concierge service in the hotel, but I don't remember ever having an interaction like the one to do with the flowers. Jimmy on the other hand, did exist, and his antics were real, although he was a chef in another hotel where one of my Preview readers worked. She told me the story and I thought it was too good not to include in the final version.

Everybody else is real, although most of the names are changed. If you see yourself in the book and think I may have been a bit harsh, remember that over time 'memory fades but recollection improves' as a well known dodgy Lord once told me.

And it's just a bit of fun so don't sue me. (I said, not him).

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