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Dartmouth Road revisited

One of our London based readers got in touch to say that they were stood outside the house where Richard and I had a bedsit and would I like a photo?


Although, it did make me realise that the number in the book was a few doors down the road. So if people are heading to number 78 on a tour of Hotel 1982 locations, please don't - you will be outside the wrong house.

Here is the real one. The room on the ground floor to the left of the photo was where I stayed to start with, before moving to the room with the balcony with Richard later on (although I don't remember there being a balcony before). Our landlady, Ann, lived in the right hand side of the house.

I wonder why they now have security shutters on the ground floor? Possibly to stop Richard climbing through the window in the middle of the night!

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