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Obviously the central character in the book, apart from young me, is Richard.

I've tried to sum up the essence of my old mucker and I can assure you that he pretty much did all the things in the book, although I may have exaggerated events slightly! I'm sure there were a few stories I've forgotten over time too.

I've been asked if I am still in touch with him. The answer is no. We really did just cut ties for no obvious reason when we went off to Uni/Poly in 1983.

I suspect that was down to new opportunities and meeting new people and trying to move on from school days, with all the immaturity that entailed. It was definitely how I was thinking and I should say sorry to all those lost friends from school (not least as they could have bought a copy of the book!).

It's a shame though, as I've had no way of finding him, despite trawling social media. I'm hoping that if he ever does get a copy of this book he will read it with a smile on his face, rather than wanting to come round to mine and do a Biv all over me!

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